The Gordon clan has included both Highland and Lowland branches of the family since
the 15th century and also has branches of the family in Russia, Germany, Belgium, The
Netherlands, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States as well as
other parts of the world. It was felt that to be called a Highland Clan only did not truly
reflect the history of the Gordons, therefore the Chief chose to call the clan by the name
House of Gordon.

The House of Gordon USA began as a branch of the Scottish Incorporation of the
House of Gordon, set up by the current chief's father, Douglas Gordon, 12th Marquis of
Huntly. Following the death of Charles O. Gordon, president of the USA Branch in 2004,
a Board of Directors was appointed to assist Lucretia Gordon with the running of the
organization. At the 2006 Gordon AGM at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games,
the membership voted to reorganize as a separate 501(c)3 non-profit organization in
order to run the daily business of the House in a way that will best benefit our members.
With the blessing of the current Chief, Granville Charles Gomer Gordon, 13th Marquis
of Huntly, we have moved forward.

Our Chief has been affectionately known as Coileach An Taobh Tuath, the Cock of the
North, since the 16th Century. The saying in Scotland is "From the Tweed to the Tay,
from Cape Wrath to the Forth, there's none can compare with the Cock O' the North!"

The families of the House of Gordon Include the following:
  • All persons bearing the name of Gordon.  
  • All persons bearing one of the names of a Sept of the Gordons.  
  • Descendants of the Gordons or their Septsmen  
  • Those who served in the Gordon Highlanders and their families.
  • Supporters of the Chief including those who wear the Gordon Tartan with his
  • All those with a special knowledge and interest in the Gordon history and
    tradition, who wish to take out a bond of manrent.
All who are interested in membership in the House of Gordon are Welcome.

What is a Sept?

Sept is a term borrowed from the Irish to try to explain the Highland Clan affiliations.
While an Irishman may have said O'Hara and his septs, a Highlander would have said
Gordon and his clan. The term clan comes from the Gaelic clann meaning children. The
various surnames of a clan represent the main family and the various surnames
adopted in the changeover from the Gael to English naming system, as well as the allied
and dependent families of the Clan Chief. Names reflect relationship, local origin,
occupation, marital alliances, etcetera. Thus the main surname of the clan is the
surname of the Chief, and all other surnames are now in common usage referred to as
the septs of the clan.

Gordon Clan Names

Adam, Adams, Adamson, Addie, Adie, Addison, Aiken, Aitchison, Aitken, Akin, Atken, Atkin,
Atkins, Atkinson, Badenoch, Barrie, Boyne, Brisbane, Connon, Connor, Craig, Cromb,
Crombie, Cullen, Culane, Darg, Darge, Dorwald, Dorward, Duff, Durward, Eadie, Edison,
Eddie, Edie, Esslemont, Garioch, Garrick, Garriock, Geddes, Gerrie, GORDON,
Gardiner, Gardner, Huntley, Huntly, Jessiman, Jopp, Jupp, Laing, Lang, Laurie, Lawrie,
Leng, Ling, Lowry, Macadam, Mallett, Manteach, Mar, Marr, Maver, Mavor, Meldrum,
Mill, Mills, Miline, Milles, Miln, Milne, Milner, Milnes, Moir, Moore, More, Morrice, Morris,  
Muir, Mylne, Steel, Steele, Teal, Teall, Tod, Todd, Tough Troup.

Of course there are MANY more spelling variations caused by clerks over the centuries,
so use common sense -- if your name is Adison and your ancestors came from
Aberdeen then you would of course be able to claim Gordon heritage!

Granville Charles Gomer Gordon, 13th
Marquis of Huntly, and his son Alastair
Granville Gordon, Earl of Aboyne. --
Original photo by Jerry Gordon.
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